Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Do you know what makes me laugh? When people say 'literally' when they really mean 'figuratively'. Like, "if this headache doesn't go away, my head will literally explode!" Sounds messy to me.

In my own life, I try to use words correctly. I think it gives them more emphasis. For example, when I was about 12, the glass door on the oven at my dad's house literally exploded seconds after I removed the frozen pizza. Now, because you know that I know what 'literally' actually means, you can envision shards of glass exploding outward all over the kitchen floor. And guess what? You'd be right. (Ask Liv. She saw the horrible aftermath.)

This last week, our home computer also exploded, only in more figurative, literary sense. It did not actually explode. It simply stopped functioning completely all of the sudden, and with a bit of a dramatic flare. Thus the lack of posts of late.

Anyway, after a bunch of research and price comparisons, Honey Buns literally walked right into Best Buy and bought a new one. And I literally kissed him right on the mouth when he carried it through the front door.

It's a beauty, and it should be up and running with our new wireless internet (welcome to the 21st century, family) on Thursday. I'll be so happy I could scream. Literally.


Liv said...

Such a cute post :)

And yes, I remember the oven door exploding. Were we really so young then? Wow.

The Rookie said...

I hate when people say "UN-thawed." Literally. Wouldn't that mean that which was once thawed is now frozen?

Melinda said...

That's why I love you Kristie! We share a love of using words correctly. I really want to play our special word game again. My favorite phrase is "I literally died." Well, no...no you didn't, because you just told me that dumb story, didn't you?

Alice said...

Not a word expert, I will admit it. I am happy you got a new computer- so fun!