Thursday, February 18, 2010

100% something

Possum image found here

Today, while I was taking out some garbage, I noted the following printed on the pizza box from Little Caesars:

100% real cheese.

This type of thing concerns me. When a company that makes, say, cheese pizza has to specify that they are using real cheese, I begin to question what other things might be less that 100% what they seem. It's like when McDonald's began proudly advertising that they now use only white meat in their McNuggets, as if that was the most novel idea on the planet. " NOW ONLY WHITE MEAT!" Like maybe it would've been ok before if you found a stray possum ear or something in your lunch, but NOT NOW. NOW ONLY WHITE MEAT.

Let's be honest. None of us would ever have bet our first born on what was actually in those Happy Meals. (In direct contrast to the way Schmoopsie did bet Bug on the 2008 BYU/Utah football game. I have to turn her over as soon as she's weaned.) The point is, we don't want our noses rubbed in those chicken parts years later. Let us revel in our ignorance, k?

Second point: Have you ever checked the packaging on baby carrots?


Seriously. As long as we're all on the honesty parade here, I think it should be amended.

Carrots + a few stray fly legs.


Liv said...

Speaking of "weaned"- I had the honor of reading a friend's facebook status today that proudly proclaimed she'd finally "weined" her son. I thought for a second she meant his pee-pee was snipped.

The Rookie said...

You make me laugh. That's all.

Wait, I lied. You make me laugh so much that I think I should be included in any future lunching adventures amongst you and my roommate. Deal?

Kris said...

Deal, my friend! The only thing is that this means we actually have to PLAN a lunch adventure...