Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Return of the Bug

If I were a reader of this blog instead of the author, I bet the only thing that would really irritate me about the recent computer malfunctions and subsequent lack of attention to the blog would be the shocking absence of pictures of the Bug. Behold:

I know, right? A-freakin'-DOR-ABLE.

Oh yeah. Before the Great (and figurative) Computer Explosion of '10, my sister-in-law Ashley's mom (did you catch the connection?) was kind enough to wander about in the cold with us to take a few pictures. For FREE. Isn't she sweet? We figured we ought to have some visual record of Bug with her parents besides the snapshots of Bug and her identical twin (Daddy) staring at the TV during Jazz games in their underwear.

Did that fill your Bug canteen? No? Yeah, me neither. Here you go:

Thanks again to Lori Todd for the photos! They look beautiful!


Liv said...

gorgeous family photo. figuratively speaking i fell off my chair when i saw the three of you.

literally, i was taking a bite of my ramen noodles.

Johnson Fam said...

Oh she is so CUTE!! I love the big flower headband!

The Rookie said...

She is darn near edible.

Alice said...

Hooray for pictures. That's why i come :)

Cute family pic, you look great too my dear.

Melinda said...

Love the pictures! I really love your hair in the family one! It's so...Mandy Moore-ish. :)