Saturday, February 27, 2010

Things she's been up to

Are you missing Bug these days? She's been busy.

For her first item of business, she's been working hard at growing cheeks.

Bug's cheeks are 4 months old now, and, along with the rest of her body, they weigh in at 13 lbs 12 oz. Her cheeks, along with the rest of her body, are heavier than 55 percent of 4 month old girls. Her cheeks are stuck to a body that is 25 inches long, which is apparently taller than 85 percent of other 4 month old girls. Whoa, child.

It must be hard work growing cheeks like that. In fact, she's plum tuckered out.

She's not feeling 100%. And perhaps it's a bit of a good thing. Because she's also been tweaking the fine details of the speech she plans on giving immediately after taking over the world.

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The Rookie said...

That final photo just screams: "Why I oughtta!"