Monday, January 18, 2010

The truth revealed

Katie seems to think I was called as the primary pianist. Surely she jests. Why would I be in a state of near panic over playing Give Said A Little Stream in front of our ward's tiny smattering of pre-teens? What's the worst that could happen there? A four year old could complain that I only played the right hand to Book of Mormon Stories, therefore compromising the cool American Indian vibe it has? Puh-lease.

The truth is ever so much more horrifying.

I know, right? I was nearly smothered after Sacrament meeting yesterday with ward members exclaiming, "I didn't know you played the piano!" It's not like I've been hiding my talent under a bushel or whatever. Turns out it's because I don't play the piano.

Anyway, miracles were wrought and here we are the next day after a not so terrible experience. Praises be.
In other news, Bug laughed the other day. I now spend every one of her waking hours playing an endless game of patty-cake with her feet in an attempt to repeat the experience. I can't stop myself for fear my heart might shrivel up and starve to death. She still makes us work for the giggles quite a bit, so at any given moment I am likely to be found contorting my face and voice like a complete fool just to entertain her. Let's be honest, though. How can I resist?


Melinda said...

WARD ORGANIST!?! Ok, that and choir director are probably the scariest callings in the world. Kristie! Wow. Good luck with that. You must have some big blessings in store. :)

The Rookie said...

She is so cute.

My condolences on the calling because...
That. Just. Sucks.

I'm praying for you.