Sunday, January 10, 2010

The game's afoot!

My entire family fits neatly on our LoveSac. I know this because after church today I fell asleep with the Bug in my arms, and Paddy climbed down to snuggle with us. We all fit under the music blanket, too.

Lupe didn't get to participate because she has dirt under her toenails and her breath smells like rotten apples from the yard. She could fit, though, and maybe we'll let her after she goes to Petsmart for a bath and toothbrush.

She hates getting a bath, and maybe it's because last summer they shaved her down to her pink piggy flesh which is embarrassing whether you are a dog or a person.

Last night, Paddy and I went on our first post-baby date. We saw Sherlock Holmes with the Ortons. It wasn't as far off from my beloved Conan Doyle stories as I had anticipated, and I really enjoyed it. We got a big Sprite to share and snacked on Sour Patch Kids from the bulk bins at WinCo. I even wore actual pants, which is a bit of an accomplishment these days. (Stacey London, where are you? Why haven't you filmed me in my slouchy pink sweats and given me free money yet?) It was so fun.

And the perfect way to follow up a wonderful date night is to find your entire family, minus one smelly dog, curled up under a single music blanket.

Life is good.

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