Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's to help you learn to roll. You'll LIKE rolling. I swear.

Dear Bug-

It's not that I'm judging you for being grouchy from time to time. Really, you are a very content child except when you're sitting in a steamy pile of your own poop, which I can't really blame you for. You also occasionally find it necessary to loudly alert the world that you are moments away from withering away entirely since, thigh rolls aside, clearly no one has fed you in days. To be fair, I get sort of irrational when I'm hungry, too, so you probably inherited that. Otherwise, you're pretty pleasant.

I've been thinking a lot about this, and I bet it's tougher to be a baby than we adults give you credit for. I would hate to find someone wrangling my arms into layers of clothing without my permission or always assuming I wanted to be spoken to in high pitched voices. Also, I've noticed that people always have their faces right up in your face with their tongues sticking out, and I bet that's irritating.

So really, I have compassion. I do. It's just that I sort of wish that mandated tummy time was the absolute worst thing on my agenda.
Just saying.

Love you to the moon and back,



Liv said...

I'm a grump when I'm angry too. Maybe you could talk Kev into accepting that fact? You seem to be very convincing.

The Button's said...

Hey there! Of course you can add me to your list. I've actually been blog stalking you for about a month....I can't help it, your sweet little baby is too stinkin' cute and you are totally funny. I was gonna add you awhile ago but decided that I better wait til we comment on eachothers blog, otherwise that would have been kinda wierd.

Anyway, we need to talk more and catch up!