Monday, January 25, 2010

Can you take 30 pounds off the rear, please?

If I were a cosmetologist, I bet it would bug me when people brought in pictures of celebrities and demanded a haircut that would transform them into a supermodel.

Nevertheless, I'm charging Stacey (who really does look like a supermodel in real life) with the task of transforming this ridiculous polygamist-length mop of flat, lifeless shag.

By noon tomorrow, I fully expect to look exactly like Mandy Moore looked on this red carpet:
Ready..... go.


Katie said...

One time before I chopped my hair off, I went in to get my hair cut. I pretty much had "the usual"--you know, trimmed but layers in the front so it was still long. The hairdresser said "we call this the victoria's secret model hairdo". I thought, "Sahweeet...I'm sexy and flowy and wait, weigh about 60 lbs more than I should." darn it! :)

rach said...

You were right, I haven't figured out a nice way of telling them that they won't look like the movie star but they will look great with the new do.....its always fun to get a new hairstyle, can't wait to see how darling.