Thursday, January 7, 2010


The Bug's painful gassy spells seem to be disappearing. She is happy.

On a seemingly contradictory note, I have been existing almost entirely on low-fat black bean burritos for the last 2 days.

On a hopefully related note, I last based my diet solely on bean burritos my freshman year in college for budgetary reasons. I lost several pounds.

On a note that helped my pocketbook but hurt my waistline, I got a job after my sophomore year in college, and could afford better food. I gained several pounds.

On a related note, I set several New Year's Resolutions, most of which I will not tell you about.

A note about my New Year's Resolutions: one I will tell you about is to do yoga one time per week. Partially because of the aforementioned waistline, and partially because my mat is hot pink.

A colorful note: does hot pink detract from the spirituality of yoga?

On an inquiring note, can yoga be spiritual anyway if I'm watching it on television surrounded by my laundry?

A second New Year's Resolution note: another is to fold all my clean laundry within 48 hours of it being washed. I hate folding laundry. Especially when I could be nuzzling a baby instead.

On a baby-time distracting related note, I have to return to work in the next couple of weeks.

On an inspiring, overwhelming, testimony building note, it will not be to the same job. (Sniff, sniff.) Instead, it will be to a new job. A new, flexible, let-me-stay-home-with-Bug-far-more-and-pays-more-anyway job. My heart is full. She is happy.

On a circular note, it seems we are back where we started.


Jessica said...

Love that picture! It is adorable. My New Years Resolutions include changin lots of diapers. I can still feel accomplished even if I'm setting a goal of something I was going to do anyway right?

Liv said...

Yea for new jobs that let moms see their kids! That's great news.

Little bug is so tiny still!! Maybe she needs to eat a few burritos every day to bulk up.

Alice said...

So cute! She is getting so big, I think I better come visit again. Glad to hear things are on the up and up. I got a new purple yoga mat for Christmas and I myself enjoy bean borritos :)

So happy about the new job, but only because of the bug. For selfish reasons it sucks! It's just not the same without you :(

Alice said...

In other news, a new blog topper to incorporate your new addition? Think about it :)

mary elizabeth said...

kris, the lil' bug is absolutely adorable!

and hip hip horray for your new job! that is so great, vince told me about it, it sounds wonderful!

The Button's said...

She is so stinkin' cute and I love to read your blog! You are hilarious and so discriptive. It really puts my blog to shame.... Oh well!

Oh and I absolutely hate folding clothes too! Washing and drying... no big deal.... folding clothes for some reason is just a bore. I think I need to have the same resolution. Thats a good one :)

Ash, Dev, & Coop said...

What a precious little picture of your lil' bug? Is it okay to call her that even though she is not my lil' bug?