Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day

There's nothing quite like a summer rain storm, a long weekend, and Queen's Greatest Hits. Lucky that we didn't get in an accident; with my feet up in this position, I'm fairly certain my kneecaps would win out over my eye sockets. Don't worry, I was buckled up the whole time. Click it or ticket, you know.

I love Memorial Day, and not just because it means we are (hopefully) unlikely to get more snow for a while. I love to see the cemeteries fully of flowers and flags and remember the people that have gone before us.

My sweetheart has far too many flowers to place each Memorial Day, but he never forgets to buy an extra pot for someone without any blooms on their spot. These yellow ones for his dad looked beautiful against the wet grass.

Ever wonder why life happens the way that it does? I do. I think about that a lot, especially while I carry armloads of flowers to the final resting places of so many people that love my husband.

Then I remember the person that I'm married to, and suddenly I am grateful that sometimes we get things we don't deserve.


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mary elizabeth said...

lovely. paddy is lucky to have you, and you are lucky to have him.

your words brought tears to my eyes.