Monday, May 26, 2008

The field is white

This is my fantastic little brother, Tommy.

Still your hearts, ladies. If you could see his hands in this picture, you'd see them clutching his recently received mission call.

If you could further see the details of said call, you'd see that beginning August 20, he'll spend the next two years of his life in this country:

He'll be in or around Angeles, which is somewhere north of Manila. He might be wearing rubber flip flops (if it's muddy) or a skirt (at the discretion of his mission president). He may or may not be even skinnier than he is now, depending on how the Lord sees fit to change his current dietary preferences. Here's hoping they have a lot of cereal in the Philippines.

We love you, Tommy, and we'll be practicing our Tagalog while you're away!


Liv said...

I don't think I replied to your text about Tommy's call, but I meant to!! I'm glad you posted it here so I could be reminded to congratulate your fam on the great news :)

mary elizabeth said...

wow, that is so exciting! congrats to your lil' bro! i think one of my uncles served in the philippines! he loved it!

Kevin and SueAnn said...

Awesome I have a nephew on my wife's side that is in the phillipines!! I have no idea what mission though!! good seeing all is well with you and PAT! Later