Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Le Nephews

Ok, so I realize that posting a picture of pictures is pretty chintzy on my part, especially when it's crooked and obviously against my wall that is a totally different color of green in real life. The point is, I wanted to showcase my cute nephews, and since I didn't edit these pictures on my own computer, this seemed the best way to show the final product. Below are the photos I took of the boys and framed for Mother's day gifts for my sisters-in-law. Be kind and ignore the glare on the glass.
Peyton, who's almost 14 months old, is on the far left and obviously unhappy at one point. (It may seem terrible that I just took a picture of it instead of comforting him, but don't worry. His mom was in on it, too. She just didn't know it was part of a present and would end up sitting on her mantle.) The other two boys are Carter (14 months) and Jordan (4 1/2). It appears I was nicer to them.
As you may have guessed, our camera is back from Inkley's in tip top shape. We picked it up just in time for the Jazz game the other night. Unfortunately for us, they check your bags for cameras and the like, and our Canon is too large to slip into a cargo pocket without it looking like a massive, camera-shaped tumor. Sadly, the only picture I have from the game is from my not-so-awesome cell phone. I"ll post it after my run.

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