Saturday, May 17, 2008

House, status post 3 months of remodeling

It seems the job of a new home owner is never through. We still have lots of painting and touch ups and work to do. Hanging pictures and the like is especially challenging with our plaster walls; I have to be really sure I want that picture in that exact place before Hubbie drills an enormous hole to put an anchor into my beautiful newly painted walls. Nevertheless, here is an update on all of our progress.

The bathroom before.

And now.
Still a lot of work to be done, including painting. The delightful rosey colors will be staying until we can afford to really re-vamp it, so I gave in and bought a toilet seat cover thing that matches. When in Rome, I suppose.

The master bedroom.
Bursting with romance, don't cha think?

New ceilings, fresh paint, and a spiffy new fan to match the furniture, and we're sleeping in style.

I really miss the astounding level of hideousness happening in the old kitchen.

New hardware and a couple coats of paint on the cabinets and backsplash, and the kitchen is bearable until we can really remodel it.

The old fireplace, complete with shiny wallpaper and a broken mirror. This picture was taken in a more innocent time, before we realized there were two layers of paneling behind there, before we broke off that gross rock mantle, and before we had to drill in to the brick to replace it.
Brand new sheetrock, a pretty mantle from Madera Mill, (where Paddy slaved away through most of high school) and some fabulous art from Ikea set off our soveniers from Aruba perfectly. So what if I think they may have been carved in a factory in China.
The back window where the table is now.... and the front door.


Side note: does anyone miss the snow? I don't. Here's what the front of the house looked like before we ripped out the enormous juniper bushes--which, as it turns out, house approximately 1 million snails each.
We have yet to pull out the stumps. We'll need Brian's truck for that, I'm sure, and the muscle of anyone who wants to help. Who knew there'd be such a great hedge hidden behind there, though? Also, don't worry about the snails. They're still living in 5 foot high mountain of juniper remnants on the side of the house.


Davis Hansen said...

The house is looking good guys. Isn't home improvement the best?!

Liv said...

Exciting!! I love the changes you're making. It's inspiring me. I may just keep going instead of giving up on my house.
I like the bedroom fan especially. Kev just convinced me we should get one in ours. It makes sense. I think I'm just paranoid I'm going to chop my head off or something.
Anyway- great job on the house!! I'm so happy for you!!

Tori and Kyson said...

Wowsers! You guys have been busy! Where are you living at? This is Tori used-to-be-Mangone bytheway! I hope all is well! Gotta love tearing the house apart!

Samantha Kennicott said...

Hey guys! This is Vince's sister Sam. The house is looking awesome! Is this is Murray? Looks like a fun project. :)

mary elizabeth said...

lookin' good guys! it makes me want a house of my very own though...

someday, i guess...