Monday, May 26, 2008

A boy and his dog

I hestitate lest I speak too soon. After all, this is Utah, and things could change at any moment. While I realize I am at risk of jinxing the entire Wasatch Front, I'm going to carefully suggest that summer may finally be on its way. My toes are beginning to regain feeling after their long hibernation, and my flowers haven't frozen in a couple of days.

Summer has not truly begun for our family until the first trip to Tanner Park. I was too chicken to go last weekend after my coworker freaked me out with stories of rattlesnake mating season. I've seen more than my fair share of the Nature Channel, and I know all about serpines and their toxic neurovenom.

Then the sun was shining on Saturday, so we went anyway.

Tanner Park from the top of the hill. Isn't it beautiful?

Ever on the look out for punctuation errors, I giggled all the way down the hill after noting this sign. What's a dog-off?

Like most humans, Lupe is usually a little hesitant to get in the water for the first splash of the day. Husband will throw her stick into the river, and she'll stand right on the bank, quivering and crying. Her labrador instincts scream get the stick, get the stick! Her self preservation instincts tell her that water is straight from mountain run off (mountain-run off?) and cold. Husband usually pushes her in once or twice, and then she's off like a fish.

And finally...

I have a good life.


Liv said...

Awesome photos!!

Dog-off? Is that like a walk-off? Or a dance-off? Sounds fun.

Samantha Kennicott said...

My lab, Jasmine, loves Tanner Park, too. She isn't very well trained on a leash, though, so it has been a while since she has gotten to go. Hopefully soon!

mary elizabeth said...

is a dog-off like a walk-off in the male modeling world? ohh! fun times!

(dang it, i just looked at liv's comment. great minds think alike i guess, she just beat me to the punch on that one)