Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome, Twenty-Twelve!

A year ago, I predicted that 2011 was going to be super fantastic.

I'm such a smarty pants.

This past year was excellent to our family. In January, I got to quit a job I detested (thus leaving you, my faithful blog readers, severely lacking in the poop-analogy department.) In February, our sanity and Bug's eternal happiness preserved with the discovery and purchase of spare wubbies. In March, we discussed Bug's food pyramid, and finally got my closet under control, which has happily stuck around! April brought the Schmoopsie's birthday and that one time Bug lost my wedding ring. We attended the wedding of the century (hint: not Will and Kate's) in May, necessitating Bug's first trip on a real live whee-yah. Plus, I found the ring! June was packed with crazy adventures, like the time Schmoops got the shingles.

Two days after the official word on the shingles, I found out that we were expecting a second little peanut face to join our family. Days after that, we found that Patrick would be serving in a time-consuming church calling. It's amazing those shingles ever went away with the poor boy's stress level. Thank goodness for a wonderful quick weekend getaway celebrating our first 5 years of marriage.

July was a bit quieter, with only the unexpected loss of a neck mole to spice up our lives. In August, we said goodbye to MJ when she decided she could up and move to Alaska. We also went to Denver on a work trip for the Schmoopse, and I forgot  to blog about all the fun things we did there, including the Denver Zoo, a Rockies game (first trip to the MLB for all three of us!) and the way we had to pay $3 for a cup of milk every night when it was time for Bug to go to sleep since our room didn't have a mini-fridge and the Starbucks in the lobby was the only place with la leche for my little child.

September brought the beginning pregnancy pukes, and a fantastic Labor Day weekend getaway to St. George with my family. October brought big events, including the discovery of Sherman's man parts and Bug's second birthday party (which, it turns out, I have yet to blog about. This sort of horrifies me.) In addition, Paddy was offered a fantastic new opportunity at work, one that made us cry tears of joy and gratitude and also increased our level of busy from Hopping to It's Crazy Time, Folks! (That's an orange alert, for you busy-scale rookies.)

November means I'm twenty-eight, and the discovery of frightening pregnancy girdle options. December was jam packed with holiday parties, a very merry Christmas (which still deserves a real blog post) and a big girl bed.

It's hard to believe that 2011 is all sealed up for the record books. Here's to a fantastic brand new year.

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