Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Californication, Part 2

Alternately titled: Dude, Allie! Post some pictures of your wedding already so I can steal them for my blog, you slacker!

Day 2: Marry me, girl, be my ferry to the world.

Saturday was the big WEDDING DAY and the real reason for the trip. We took off early from the hotel for the Los Angeles LDS temple, where both the bride's and groom's parents had also been married. Here is the part where I am a bad mom. After slathering Bug faithfully in sunscreen the day before for the beach, I completely neglected to consider that she might need some while hanging out on the temple grounds. She waited outside in the sunshine, and those fair little cheeks pinked up in no time. She wasn't in any pain with her minor little burn, but her Mama was from the shattering of my heart every time I looked at her for the next 3 days.

We were lucky enough to go into the temple with the gorgeous couple and witness their lovely ceremony. Sitting in the temple together is always a wonderful reminder of the promises we made when we were married, and we treasured the experience, especially so close to the anniversary of our own wedding day. And yes, that is a long way of saying that I cried my eye makeup off, thanks for asking.

For some reason, I didn't get any shots of the whole family waiting patiently for the end of time-- oh wait. No. We were just waiting for Allie and Chad. In their defense, they were waiting too, in a LINE OF BRIDES trying to exit the temple to great fanfare and photo ops. All of the time spent chasing Bug around the flower beds was worth it, though, when we saw the beaming couple, which I totally don't have a picture of because I am lame.

Ahem. So, we took a few of the obligatory family-on-the-stairs-of-the-temple shots, and then jumped back in the cars to head to Olvera Street for some to. DIE. FOR. tacitos. Olvera Street is a vendor-filled block in historic Los Angeles. It was hilariously fun. Here's most of the group (we're all related, but it's confusing to detail how, now that I think about it):

Bug got to sample pan dulce, the tasty sweet bread her Daahie ate nearly every day for breakfast on his mission. She was kind enough to share with Grammy Lu.

(Please, ignore her sun-kissed little face. It still makes me sad.)

Anyway, after we stuffed ourselves on Mexican food and meandered through the countless tiny shops selling sandals and woven bags, we hopped back in our cars to head to the reception.

Ok, so seriously, this wedding was the most rockin' awesome party I have ever been to, and I'm not just saying that because Allie reads my blog. Let's just lay out a few of the details for you.

The bride. I unashamedly stole this from her facebook since I somehow managed to not get a picture of her all blessed day. Basically, she made it entirely unfair to any bride that comes after her, ever, for the remainder of the world, because she was so freakin' stunning. Don't take my word for it.

I mean, what the what? Chad, you're a lucky man, my friend. (She's pretty lucky, too. We like him.)

Secondly, the reception was catered by In N' Out. Oh yeah. I said that. Cheese burgers and soda. It was so awesome. I wish I could do the whole thing justice, really. There were milkshakes and pie and fruit and Martinelli's in tiny bottles... the whole thing was just shamefully kick-A.

The bride and groom had choreographed a hilarious first dance to kick off the dance party of the year, and we kept the party going for hours.

Now, have I mentioned that my daughty loves to dance? She needs to dance like she needs oxygen. She shook her cute little bootie for honestly hours on the dance floor. I have never laughed so hard in my life. Here is the proof: my girl, owning 3 groomsmen all by herself.

I have a feeling we are in SO much trouble.
We all shook our tailfeathers until we were exhausted.

 These are nearly all of my lady cousins, with the exception of Colette, who had a baby instead, Jessica, who lives in Washington these days, Ashley, who had to work, Maddy, who had soccer tryouts, and the bride, who was probably off being awesome somewhere else at the time. Also in the background- a crazed looking Tommy dancing with the most eligible bachelorette at the party.

Bug was so tuckered out by the end of the night, but was unwilling to leave the party. We had change her into her jammies on a chair in the dark and then drag her out while the rest of the family stayed for the pool party.

Did the wedding party dance their way out of the reception, you ask? Um, I'm pretty sure you can answer that one yourself.

It. Was. That. Fabulous.


Michelle said...

cute dress!! looks like a fantastic party!!

Liv said...

you make me laugh!

i'm so glad you had a wonderful trip and that bug got to wear her freakin adorable little tiny surfy swim wear stuff.