Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lifestyle overhaul

It all began on the girls trip to California. That's when my life changed. Well, the organizational part of my life, at least.

Here's a little something about me: I don't like clutter. For the most part, I like my house full of clean, open spaces and straight vaccuum lines. While I certainly fall short often as a busy mom, I prefer things neat and organized. Bug is even learning to help; she puts the shoes in the shoe basket, her toys in her bucket, and her books in a great white plastic drawer that sits on the floor in her bedroom for easy access.

For some reason, this cleaning philosophy has not carried over into my own bedroom.

It's not that I don't want it to look nice, it's just that when I start cleaning the house, our bedroom tends to be low priority. By the time I make it around to the bedroom, I'm out of steam or time, or often both. Clothes end up scattered on the floor and (gasp) piles of accessories and just plain garbage accumulate on the dresser.

Anyway, on the plane ride to CA back in January, I sat next to my (possibly obsessive compulsive) sister-in-law, Ashley. Her house is perfect all. the. time. She told me about her rainbow-inspired clothing arrangment, with everything neatly hung by item type and then in color order. She hangs most everything, using drawers for only the basics.

I was floored.

I teased her at the time, and then I thought about the often-disaster that is my dresser/closet. And that's when I changed my life.


Guess I don't wear yellow, like, ever.
 Looks pretty smashing, huh? I'm thrilled with the new arrangement. I imagine this organization would get a little more complex with prints; luckily, my personal 'style' basically consists of a solid cardigan in every color. I learned things about myself-- I wear a lot of black, brown, and white, and apparently I don't like orange. It is much easier to get ready this way, too. I can see everything easily, and hopefully don't fall into the rut of simply wearing what is at the top of the drawer over and over again.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with my new life. I considered doing the same thing to the closet where Paddy's work clothes live, but then I decided arranging all of his white, blue, and white-and-blue dress shirts would lack the pizzazz at the end that is my reward. Besides, his tie section gives me heartburn just thinking about it.

Perhaps a tie rack for Father's Day?


Liv said...

ooooh ahhhhh

katelinklug said...

I used to hang my shirts like that too :) but now being a mom of two I do the simpler way of clothes on the floor you talked about :)

Your closet looks awesome. I should go organize mine now. I'm trying to up my style a little so it would be helpful to see what colors I don't have and try to get some :)

Katie and Chad Metz said...

holy smokes. I arraigned my closet (including Chad's clothes) by "shirts" and "pants" and I thought I was good. Colors?! Dang, girl. You're good.