Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I think I lost a Bug.

I'm pretty sure someone accidentally took my baby and left me with this big kid, instead. Somewhere out there must be a big kid family looking for their adorable child in a green pea coat, and wondering where the chubby, bald baby crawling around their house came from. That has to be what happened, right?

Listening (softly) to her beloved Taylor Swift.
Kindly ignore the growing purple goose egg on her forehead (those cracks in the sidewalk can be a real hazard) and instead focus on the french braid she's rockin'.


Alice said...

She is getting so big! Love the braid...and the coat ;)

Jessica said...

I am so impressed by the braid. How did you possibly get her to sit still long enough for that? Must have involved food, or TV, or both.

Liv said...