Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Things that make you go "ugh".

There are lots of awful tasks in the world.  Sticking your hand into a sink full of cold, cloudy water to find out why it's not draining has got to be high on the list. 

Discovering that your mid-century kitchen sink no longer has any sort of straining device protecting the plumbing is awful, too.

So we borrowed a wrench and took apart the p-trap under the sink, and here is where it really gets awesome.  (Sense my sarcasm.)  Here is a list of the things that came out of the kitchen drain pipe:

A grape
The little scrubby brush designed to clean out nipples.  (I re-worded that fragment like 4 times and it sounds filthy every way you shake it.)
2 (TWO!) baby spoons
A popsicle stick
A wipie

Don't judge me.

Oh yeah.  Also, when we tried to clean out the trap before re-installing it, the bottom of the U-shaped part split open.  And the one we blindly bought at Lowe's doesn't fit.  We now have a plastic garbage can wedged in under the sink to catch the water when I (inevitably) forget that it's broken and turn on the faucet.

Please, someone, buy my house.


Liv said...

You have a hungry sink.

The Rookie said...

I don't want to think about what actually lives in the pipes in my house. Mostly hair, I'm sure.

katelinklug said...

Are you really trying to move?