Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hymns. With a side of nuts and berries, please.

Today, one of my neighbors spoke in church.

"I'm lucky!" she said.  "I've been asked to speak about my passion."

She proceeded to give a wonderful talk on the importance of music in delivering the message of the Spirit in to our lives.  She is a talented vocalist who studied opera abroad and plays the piano and organ perfectly.  (And here is where we can all chant the following question together:  Why is Kristie assigned to play the organ instead?  I don't get it either.)

Afterwards, Schmoopsie and I wrangled our wiggly child in to her car seat and home to her beloved bed.  We both stood in the kichen with the refrigerator door open, contemplating lunch options.

"I'm having peanut butter and jelly," I said.  "I love PB & Js.  In fact, I feel passionate about PB & Js."

"Wow, " said Schmoopsie, without looking up from building his chicken salad sandwich.  "Good thing YOU weren't asked to speak about your passion."


Alice said...

Ha! You guys crack me up. Hope the PB and J was delightful.

Liv said...


we had that topic a week or two ago and it was very nice to be reminded of the importance of music.

The Rookie said...


I had PB&J for lunch today too because it is quite delicious.

Also, might I add that I'm entirely jealous you get home from church in time to eat lunch. I am sick of this permanent 1 o'clockery that happens in le singles ward.