Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Items of business

#1- Methinks enemies of Achilles could have avoided that whole unpleasant arrow-through-the-heel business. They could have acheived the same level of incapacitation/agony simply by requiring him to walk around in the shoes I was wearing today.

#2- Series of text messages between the LoveBear and me tonight:
Him: Wife?
Me: Yeah?
Him: Love you.
Me: Love you, too. When are you coming home?
Him: Soon.
Me: Ok. Are you bringing pizza and/or philly cheese steak sandwiches?

#3- Survivors at the Summit is coming up! Please come join us, or consider donating through our team. It's going to be awesome!

#4- Treat in the mail today + Pookieface out on appointments/golfing = party for my toes. Check back later for the results.

#5- That part about pizza and/or philly cheese steaks? Not kidding.

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