Thursday, July 30, 2009

I won! I won!

Now, don't be jealous. I bet you don't know this about me, but I have an e-bff. Her name is TAMN, and she's funny. We've never hung out or anything, but I still think we qualify as e-bffs because I'm pretty much in her inner circle of confidants for her deepest, darkest secrets. And also, she sent me some free stuff from one of her giveaways.


Cultures Day Spa and Salon was kind enough to offer a free pedi kit for me and one for a friend. Here's the thing, and you might not know this about me, either. (Although my e-bff obviously did. Probably because off all the times we e-hang out and also I think our spirits knew each other from, you know, before.)

Anyway. I LOVE PEDICURES. Even though I can't breathe anymore when I fold in half to reach my sausage toes. I figure Floyd understands. Beauty is pain, my friend. Learn early.

So anyway, one day I came home to this fabulous thing in my mailbox:

And inside were some treats!

I had to wait a couple of weeks to get the flavor I wanted, but the Pineapple Citrus was totally worth it. It was so super delicious, I almost wanted to eat the lotions, salts, and scrubs. My feet are silky smooth and (presumably) tasty, and if you have to ask if I saved the adorable bright green disposable flip-flops, then we are definitely not any sort of bffs.

(I did.)

A huge thanks to TAMN and to Cultures Salon for the wonderful surprise. Fabulous.


Liv said...

I did my nails the day before I got the package, so I haven't used it yet. This weekend I shall celebrate my last day in the worst job ever by spoiling my piggies rotten!!

Thanks again for choosing me as that friend. I truly appreciate the pick-me-up :)

Jessica said...

Fabulous! I hope that helped brighten your day. Oh, and what a small world, I am also e-bff with TAMN! She is so adoorabull!

Cultures Salon said...

YAY! Glad to hear you loved the pedi. TAMN rocks, and so do you!

hate2bcold said...

Saw your post on Cultures' Facebook page. WAHOO!! You're so lucky to have the inside hook-ups with TAMN! I'm stilly paying for my own pedis from Cultures, but they're worth every penny! Congrats to you and your friend.

Alice said...

Lucky! I never win anything.