Wednesday, April 9, 2008

THOSE pants.

Today I'm wearing that pair of pants. You know, the one that mostly fits but is a little too short? Typically, I wear them as capris, and then there isn't a problem. Every now and again, though, I stare at my closet (or, more realistically, the pile of clothes on the floor) and get to thinking.

"Hmm. I bet I could wear those as pants." I put them on. "A little too short. Maybe if I just tug here and wear them with flats..."

It's my own fault. I bought them at Old Navy. I have never, ever found a pair of pants at Old Navy that was truly long enough. They're sneaky, though.

"Maybe if I just buy one size bigger..."

Tricky little buggers. Now I've spent 80% of my day pulling my pants down and 100% of my day feeling stupid for wearing short person pants.


Kinz said...
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Kinz said...

Dont feel stupid! I have these pants I bought at Old Navy and they are too LONG. I have one pair in Black and one in Brown. Almost every time I wear them, my foot will somehow get caught in the leg while I'm walking and I almost fall on my face. No kidding, it happens so often. And they are the only pants I've ever found at Old Navy that I like, their pants are awkward!