Friday, April 4, 2008

My date with bacterial conjunctivits

Now, I don't want to brag, but it turns out I'm a real go-getter. Some might call me driven-- a perfectionist, even. When I set my mind to something, by golly, I'll go for it 150%. With the notable execption atheletics, (or really anything requiring a high level of coordination) I mostly strive to be a high achiever.

That said, I'm not about to let a silly little thing like being an adult stop me from contracting pink eye. Just watch- I'll even do it without known contact with any infected persons or any children at all. And while I'm at it, I'll really go for the gold.

(Disclaimer: Due to the graphic nature of this post, viewer discretion is advised.)

(Oh, and also, our camera is at Inkley's being repaired. Please forgive the terrible quality of the following photos as they were taken with my cheap cell phone by myself with only the bathroom mirror to guide my framing.)

4:30 a.m.- Kristie: Honey, my eye is crusted shut.
7:00 a.m.- Kristie: Honey, my eye is crusted shut again.
9:05 a.m.- InstaCare MD: (with hint of disgust) I'll put on my gloves. You'll be spreading that.

This is my eye. Interested persons may note the thick goo stringing from top lashes to bottom. Keep in mind this is 12 hours after the trip to InstaCare and post 3 rounds of antibacterial drops.

This is my eye 12 hours and a blessing later. Less goo, more swelling. My ever sympathetic husband suggested I hunch my back and drag my foot behind me a la Quasimoto. I would laugh, but the pressure it puts on my eye hurts.

Also, viewers with special attention to detail may discern that the second photo is of the left eye, while the first was of the right. When I do pink eye, I do it double-time.

Back to the right eye approximately 8 hours later. The swelling is beginning to resolve, but the bloodshot nature of the eyeball itself is several shades more vibrant. At this point, intense burning has mostly resolved, but itching has ensued.

That just about brings us up to speed. Suddenly, I have loads of sympathy for the poor toddlers that get this regularly. I'm hoping for a wicked diaper rash next. I'll be sure to include pictures.


Greg and Amy said...

I don't like to laugh at your pain, but you seriously crack me up!

Lauren said...

Can barely eyes are watering after viewing your pictures.

That's what you get for being an overachiever, I guess. Heh, heh, just kidding. I am sorry that you got such a vicious case of that stuff.

Angelina said...

My eyes are now starting to itch. I think you just gave me pink eye.