Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Race to the Race I: Chubby with a blister

Kinzy and I completed 6 miles yesterday. (Poor Mary is still a bit under the weather. Get well soon!) We're not quite up to running 100% of the distance yet, but as I mentioned before, I'm not going for any land speed records here. Simply crossing the finish line at all is plenty of accomplishment for me.

Shockingly, I haven't yet completely decompensated into a puddle of agony in the middle of the Jordan River Parkway. I'll admit it; I sort of thought I'd be way suckier at this. (Note: I am not implying that I yet qualify as good at this. Even if my horrid form could be ignored, I'm sure the hurricane-force gasps as I desparately suck in gulps of air may clue people into the fact that running has not generally been part of my lifestyle.) Luckily, the biggest problem to date has been a pesky little blister on my right heel that seems to be inherently resistant to any bandaid adhesive.

I'm a little frustrated that my body hasn't immediately morphed into swimsuit-perfection. Or really changed at all. I guess that means I'm on for another 6 miles today.

Countdown: 81 days until the race.


Kinz said...

Yay for us! 81 days makes it sounds so much closer than 11 weeks. 6 is close to half of 13.5..we're gettin there!

Liv Taylor said...

good luck with training!!