Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Low-hanging Fruit, or, How to ensure your dog gets plenty of Vitamin A.

Over the course of a typical day, there's a whole lot of nonsense coming out of Bug's mouth at a fairly consistent clip. What can I say? She's three, and she has a much larger vocabulary than she does the logic to wield it appropriately. For example, she recently had a full-blown tears-and-snot, hiccups-and-flushed-cheeks-style meltdown because she wanted me to somehow remove the already consumed dinner from her gastrointestinal tract because, get this, it was making her leg hurt. I double dog dare you to keep a straight face while your daughter flails on the grounds wailing at the top of her lungs,


So anyway, it shouldn't be surprising that I don't always take her statements in a literal sort of way. Turns out, though, occasionally she's right on the money.

Such was the case earlier today when she ran up to me, breathless, and managed to squeak out the obviously hilarious, "Mama, Mister Baggins gave Lupe a potato!" before dissolving entirely into peals of laughter.

Why yes, that is my yellow lab eating a sweet potato, which was given to her by my one-year-old via the very low window in our dining area.

Doesn't he look proud of himself? And that's Lupe with the photo bomb behind him, 
perched on top of her dog house.

A boy and his dog, I suppose.