Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yambs. Not the sweet potato kind.

Last week, before the weather around here reverted back to freezing, Stacey and I took the kids to Wheeler Farm for a picnic.  The point of the exercise, besides getting out of the house, was to really wear my kids out so they'd take a good nap. I had to work a full graveyard that night, so I desperately needed to sleep while they did. 

After a couple of hours in the sunshine, it was mission accomplished! I had a hard time keeping Mister awake long enough to drive the 3 miles back to our house.

 Don't worry, Bug has only been eating PB&J sandwiches independently for like 2 years, but she still manages to smear them from hairline to chin.

I had really talked up how great it would be to feed the ducks. Bug was in to it, but when I told him he couldn't eat the stale bread himself, Mr. Baggins just wanted to suck on his fingers.

He's trying to find the right moment to lean back, casually stretch, and wrap his arm around Scar-bug's shoulders. Too bad his arms are too stubby.

Rather than making eye contact, Paddy's dad used to look off to the side of the person he was talking to sometimes. You can see that a certain Bug inherited the trait from her Grandpa Jim. I have no idea what she is looking at with such a silly grin.

Cows licking a bowl full of who-knows-what. Baggins is jealous.

Bug couldn't believe there were actual baby sheep to look at. She still very often says her Ls with a Y sort of sound, so she kept shouting "YAMBS! YAMBS!" which made me laugh.

Also, how did her left leg disappear from this picture so completely?

This horse wanted to chomp on Mister's head like an apple. Luckily, he just knocked him into the dirt.

We are desperate for the weather to warm back up so we can hit the outdoors on a more regular basis. I've been tossing around the idea of a completely unplugged summer wherein Bug says goodbye completely to her friends Doc McStuffins and that piratey Jake in favor of, you know, humans and sunshine. Once it's toasty outside, it'll be goodbye folding laundry time, HELLO WHEELER FARM!

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Stacey O said...

Haha! I love it! Those pictures are just the cutest, the one of Scar and the Mr. never fails to bring the biggest smile to my face every time! And honestly, that was skill on Bug's part to get the PB&J so evenly distributed. Pure skill.
i would definitely love to be more - MUCH more - unplugged this summer! We're in for more days playing in the grass and feeding duck, that's for sure! Call us anytime!