Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What We're Watching

The only downside to summer is the lack of good sports to catch on TV. We're sports fans at our house, and Paddy in particular suffers from withdrawals from the end of NBA playoff basketball through the long, hot months until college football starts. As he's not a baseball fan, he's got nothing but the NBA draft/free agency and the occasional MLS game to keep him occupied on the evenings I'm at work.

Anyway, between the lack of decent sports (hurry up and get here, Olympics!) and summer reruns, we've been a little slow on the lazy entertainment around here. Until, as usual, the Ortons swooped in to the rescue! Even though we have yet to get around to following their advice about watching Downtown Abbey (we are currently the last two civilized people on the planet who haven't seen an episode)(don't judge me), they were still good enough to insist we would love the BBC series Sherlock.

In case you were wondering, it's freaking brilliant. (Why are the British so much better at TV than we are?)

As an enormous fan of the original written Sherlock stories, I cannot express how much I am enjoying this series. I thought the films were fun (they are!) but wow. This series is just so fantastic.

There are only 2 things about this whole situation that are upsetting. The first is that there are only 3 episodes per season. While the episodes are each 90 minutes long, it's still fairly devastating to blaze through such fun that fast. 

Worse, though, is the fact that Season 1 ended in the most wicked cliffhanger and NETFLIX DOESN'T STREAM SEASON 2. The Ortons offered their discs to us, but we lack the necessary BluRay player with which to enjoy them. (I said don't judge me.) Looks like we may be borrowing that part, too. 

If you aren't watching Sherlock, you probably should be.


Wendy said...

Some of us chose to use more, ahem, illegitimate means to stream the season due to said program's unabashed awesomeness and relative unavailability. Worth it.

Samantha Kennicott said...

Meanwhile, you should also jump on the Downtown Abbey bandwagon. It's fabulous. :)

Brandon and Stacey said...

Okay. It's settled. We are bringing the BluRay player over tomorrow.