Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Surely not the last time your sister will embarrass you in public.

My darling little man-cub,

Just how exactly is your mama supposed to get anything done in the world when I have that little mug available to nuzzle?  You are the president and CEO of Distract Mommy, Inc. "Keeping Clean Laundry Unfolded Since 2012." 

Your sister, on the other hand, has recently made a career switch. She has taken a sabbatical from her long time position as head hauncho in the cheerfulness division of whatever company generates happy, bubbly children, and accepted a part time position as Director In Charge Of Completely Losing Her Marbles In Public. I'm sure you remember that melt down of absolutely historic proportions in the parking garage of the Bellagio a couple of days ago. Remember? You were snuggled into your Moby wrap with Mama like the sweet little peanut you are when your tiny little baby ears (and ears of all shapes and sizes within a 2 block radius) were assaulted by the most horrific screaming to erupt from Bug's mouth in her two-and-a-half-plus years of existence. You buried your head in my shoulder in shame, trying to ignore the flailing, writhing copper-headed cyclone attempting to escape the confines of her wimpy little stroller presumably so that she and her temper could halt any and all activity on Las Vegas Blvd. with nothing but her vocal cords and the sheer force of her will. 

I will remind her of this experience someday. Someday, when I really need one of my kids to change my old person diapers, you will be spared the job because I will remind her of how perfectly awful she was on the strip in Las Vegas when she was two and a half. She probably won't believe me. How could she?

Luckily for me, I have visual proof in the form of basically my favorite family picture to date.

Makes me laugh every SINGLE TIME I see it.

I'm so glad that when I placed my order for you, I picked the model that skips two and a half altogether.

I love you to the moon, son. Please don't do that to me, k?



Samantha Kennicott said...

This totally reminds me of a time when Amelia was a crazy two and half year old and Joseph was a sweet and snuggly little babe and I said to Brad, "I feel awful for admitting this out loud, but if someone were to ask me who my favorite child is right now, it would be an absolute no brainer." But over time, they have switched roles back and forth a few times. :) Love the family picture!!

Liv said...

Did Aspen teach her that? Because she spent the entire month of April throwing tantrums just. like. this.

K and T said...

Oh my goodness! That is seriously the best picture ever. Thanks for the laugh!

April said...

AWESOME picture!