Thursday, May 10, 2012

Suspect lineup

I've never really felt that my kids look all that much alike. Bug looked like a miniature version of her daddy from the moment she was born, and Mr. Baggins has always struck me as an independent little fellow with his very own features.

I snapped some pictures of him yesterday. I decided to reminisce a little about the days when my princess was small (let's be honest, before she learned the great art of whining) and to my great surprise, found that I had taken pictures of Bug on the same couch within days of the same age as Baggins is now. 

I'm not too proud to admit when I'm wrong. I can still see lots of individuality-- in person, the difference in quantity of hair is much more staggering-- but it turns out there is a pretty decent family resemblance.

Mr. Baggins

Mr. Baggins

Do you like how I labeled them for you? As if you couldn't guess on your own that the one in the pink flowered top was the girl? Thought you'd appreciate that.

What do you think?


Katie and Chad Metz said...

Oh my goodness. You and Patrick make beautiful babies. You need to make more. :)

colette said...

What a cute little man. I think he looks a little like Tom.