Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blessing Day

A couple of snapshots from the day we blessed Mr. Baggins. It was such a lovely day, even if I was an emotional mess. I blame it on a few things:

#1- My father. Along with a love of all things smothered in cheese and chili verde sauce, he passed down the familial propensity to cry at every available opportunity to his eldest daughter, and let's all just talk about how obviously spilling tears every ten seconds is not the least bit embarrassing or inconvenient. We cry when we're happy! We cry when we're sad! We cry when things are especially pretty, unexpected, maddening, touching, or when we have nothing more interesting to do.
#2- Tired. I get emotional when I haven't slept in a day and a half.
#3- Hormones. (How long can I use that excuse?)
#4- Look how cute my family is! How could I help myself? (Refer to #1.)

Bug had been playing Hop Like A Bunny with her uncle Braden prior to this picture, so her hair is decidedly less cute than it was before church. Also, I'm super disappointed that the red flower I had in her hair had fallen out by now. My family matched at church and I didn't even do it on purpose! (The hot pink leggings were also a late addition to maintain some level of decency during the aforementioned hopping game.)

Nana and PopPop. We didn't snap any pictures of Bunk and Grammy Lu before they had to sneak out. Grammy needed to lay down before she toppled over like the drunken sailor she was. (Curse that pesky vertigo!) We'll have to snap a few next time we see them. Assuming, of course, that we can find a time when neither my dad nor I are in the midst of a crying jag.

Four generations of good looks on my mom's side. This picture of Papa makes me miss my Grandpa Great. The men in that family look so much alike it's like generational Russian stacking dolls. Only they don't ever get shorter.

I felt so lucky to have so many of our closest family members there to support us. We missed MJ, who is still in Alaska (COME HOME ALREADY!) and Uncle Big, who is busy eating bats and singing Primary songs in Fiji. I am so glad that despite our non-traditional family dynamics, everyone loves each other. My children are surrounded by people who love them, and that's the best present I can give them.

That, and a healthy love of cheese. With a side of tears.

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