Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things I've noticed while nursing

I had almost forgotten the amount of time required to establish a nursing routine with an infant, particularly in the beginning. Sometimes it feels like as soon as I have readjusted my clothing and peeled myself from the overstuffed chair in the basement from one feeding time, it's time to start again. Mr. Baggins is growing well and sliding nicely into a fairly predictable routine, though, so I shouldn't complain.

It's just that I find myself watching far too much lame daytime television while I am tethered down.

This go-round, I'm stuck watching a lot more children's television than I was with Bug. I have a thorough knowledge of everything from Little Einsteins (which I can tolerate) to Dora the Explorer (why must everyone SHOUT ALL THE TIME?) and have celebrated having cable so I'm not stuck watching Caillou (the whiniest, most awful children's show ever) like I was when my little sisters were small.

When Bug is taking her nap in the afternoons, I am free escape the bounds of the Disney channel to watch whatever I'd like. Given the realities of daytime television, I'm not left with awesome options. 

TLC, in particular, seems to subscribe to a specific model when planning their programming. Shows must be based on one of the following:

People with a lot more children than I have.
People spending a lot more money on various parts of their wedding than I would.
People who are a lot shorter than I am.
If I'm lucky, I'll catch a show about people with worse clothing than me (really!) or people who bake more cake than I do.

The best option, though, is the programming which inspires. In my case, that's a strange fascination with programming about hoarders. (I'll never believe you if you say you don't love that show.) I can only watch a few minutes, though, before I am compelled to jump up and throw something away. 

Considering the number of diapers I've been changing recently, it's a good reminder.

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Brandon and Stacey said...

I remember being sucked into the TLC realm. It was so hard to look away from the unreal train wrecks they happened to be spotlighting that day, (whatever show it was it was a train wreck), but pretty soon I found myself so frustrated with the amount of obnoxious people in the world.
So now I spend my time watching tivoed 'let's make a deal' or HGTV. It's a lot less frustrating.
Too bad they don't still have the 'One born every minute' that show was quality reality drama. :)