Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy St. Daddy's Day

The night before St. Patrick's Day, I headed to the wonderful land of Walmart to pick up a few fun things for Bug to open the next day. It was there that I encountered several of my retail pet peeves. 

#1- Holiday hopping. I get that I was a little late to the party with less than 24 hours notice, but come on. There was honestly one green cardboard display with 3 St. Patrick's Day pins (alcohol references, all-- not appropriate for the 2 year old) and a couple of large green felt top hats. Everything else in the store was Easter related.

I managed to find the very last package of shamrock Snoopy stickers hidden on an end cap, and wandered the aisles searching in vain for some gold coins chocolates. A rather bored looking employee asked me for the time, and, finding that her shift was not yet over, I ventured to ask her for help locating the candies, and bumped right into pet peeve numero dos.

#2 - Being forced to wander slowly behind an employee who does not know where the item is any more than I do. Walmart is a big store. I don't expect people to know where every last seasonal item is, particularly when it turns out said chocolate coins don't exist. What does bother me is having to pace the exact same aisles I've just spent 10 minutes in following behind a blue Walmart vest that keeps mumbling softly under her breath. Particularly when it was clear from the beginning that the vest not only did not know the location of the item, but didn't even know what it was I was asking for in the first place. 

(She initially asked if I was looking for Hanukkah coins. Good guess, but A- we're about 9 months early for that, and B- I hadn't really envisioned a menorah stamped on the front of the coins meant for a leprechaun scavenger hunt.)

Anyway, I tracked down some other green items I thought Bug might enjoy, and I was super excited to set them out for her in the morning.

I managed to scrounge up the last Mickey Mouse themed card, too. She was thrilled.

We had green French toast for breakfast.

That evening, we headed out on Mr. Baggins's first out of the house trip aside from doctor visits. The kiddos went to Nana and PopPop's house while Paddy and I did a little birthday shopping for the one million family members with March birthdays. Just before we left to head home, we decided to attempt to get a picture of the kids together. There were lots of funny candid shots, my favorite of which is displayed below.

With the little brother obviously finished with the picture taking portion of the evening, we settled on this one.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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