Thursday, July 7, 2011

Put the washing machine on standby.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled cute Bug picture posts for this important announcement:

Some of the very cool ladies in my family and I are running a sludgey, slimey, all-around mud-fest of a race on August 20. It's going to be such a party!

Want to come along? Post a comment (or just do that anyway because comments boost my self esteem) and I'll give you the info to register with our group so you can hang out with us on race day. Or, get your own group together, but remember-- this one is ladies only!


Liv said...

You might be able to talk me into this BUT ONLY BECAUSE IT'S IN OGDEN and I'd feel really lame not even investigating it further.

katelinklug said...

That sounds like so much fun!! I think you should run it in those pink high heels! :)

K and T said...

Oh! So many fun races and now I have to wait! Lame! Have so much fun!!!