Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to make my perfect chocolate chip cookies.

Not to brag or anything, but I make really delicious cookies. Want to learn how?

Step one: locate ingredients. In my case, this necessitated a quick trip to the store for flour.

Luckily, on my way to the store, I stumbled across this very helpful orphan child, and bribed her into coming to my house with chocolate chips. Quick tip: when looking for your own helpful orphan, keep an eye out for floofy, uncontrolled hair. Clearly, there's a child without parental oversight.

The ratio of cookie to chocolate chips is a very personal choice. In my own life, for example, I find myself sandwiched between two extremes. Paddy would be quite content to avoid any and all chocolate chips for the rest of his life (I know. I can't figure it out, either.) My mother, on the other hand, uses only the tiniest amount of dough humanly conceivable, and even then only because it is absolutely necessary in order to hold the copious amounts of chocolate together in the oven.  I find myself somewhere in the middle.

My least favorite part of cookie making is the seemingly endless process of scooping the dough onto the pan.

The perfect cookie texture is soft, but firm when cooled. Under no circumstances should a chocolate chip cookie be overcooked.

Hair safely corralled, the next step is to share with the orphan child.

Done correctly, she'll enjoy the snack with a sippy of cold milk.

And finally, store in an air-tight container with a piece of bread. It's an easy trick that keeps them soft and fresh that my mother, She-With-The-Chip-Obsession, taught me. Trust me, it works.



katelinklug said...

I LOVE chocolate chip cookies! I do the bread trick with my brown sugar, but never with my cookies. I'm gonna have to try that. I luckily have an orphan child at my house everyday, so one step down!

Alice said...

Here is the deal.

I can't make chocolate chips cookies. It's true. I love them dearly, I have tried numerous times, so many recipes, but it never works out for me.

Truth: they always melt all over the pan when they get hot and come out flatter than a pancake. (yes I tried adding more flour, no it didn't work)


Can I come over for cookie lessons? I am serious. I need an intervention, this is serious. Maybe it would increase my worth as a potential wife. I mean, who wants a wife who can't make a decent cookie?

Can we maybe add oatmeal? Because truthfully, they are my favorite, but they are still flat when I make them even with the extra bulk.

Yikes, clearly a sensitive subject, you know me and my giant cookie failures.

I could also just come over for a chat, some therapy, and a few hot cookies you prepare. Your cookies look delish.

Miss you :)

And that little orphan.

Liv said...

I suck at making good-looking choc chip cookies. I think my butter's consistency is the culprit. Or, maybe the lack of red-headed orphans is why my cookies are no bueno.