Friday, July 1, 2011

Next up: second grade.

We have this beautiful book at our house called "If I Could Keep You Little" by Marianne Richmond. Paddy wandered in while I was reading it to Bug the other day.

"She's not even little NOW," he said. "We should just start calling it, 'If I could keep you medium.'"

Maybe those of you who don't birth baldy mcbaldo babies will be less impressed by this.

I absolutely cannot get over my girl with a pony tail. When did this HAPPEN?


katelinklug said...

Wow she has tons of hair now. That is so cute!

Liv said...

I'm wicked impressed, and Aspen has a full head of hair!

colette said...

So gorgeous! I'm sure Mary's hair can't do that. I love the color, too. Oh, and it looks like you have mad hairstyling skills. WTG

Melinda said...

Agh! Look at her hairdo! She is, like, officially a little girl now with multiple elastics and everything! So stinkin cute.