Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dancing Queen

Darling Bug,

Hello, my love! I don't want to talk about how you are 15 entire months old already, or how I'm afraid to blink because I know if I do you'll magically be headed to kindergarten or packing up for college or whatever. Your daddy and I spend half our lives shaking our heads in disbelief, and mumbling to each other, "Dude. We have a KID now."  It's too freaky, and it makes me get all sorts of nostalgic and emotional. Instead, I'll do what I do best these days. Brag.

You have four dance moves. It's a lot for such a small girl, especially one made by two people as uncoordinated on the dance floor as your father and me. Here's the basic run down.
1- The Knee Bend. This move has two variations.
a. The rapid knee bounce. Appropriate for fast-paced Taylor Swift songs (I blame your Aunt Megan for this obsession) and hip-hop.
b. The slower, deep knee bend.  Appropriate for your slow jams. Also excellent for developing fabulous quads.

2- The Waist Lean. This move involves cocking your head to the side, and leaning over from the waist on a slight angle. Must be accompanied by goofy grin.

3- The Classic Spin. Simply put, this involves spinning around in place, generally in a clockwise fashion. (So far, you do not appear to be an ambi-turner.) Can be performed in the aisle during Sunday School should the video clip have musical accompaniment.

4- The Arm Twist. Your rarest move, wherein the arms are held out at rib level, fists lightly clenched, feet planted. Twist from side to side at the waist. The benefit to this move is that you can maintain eye contact with your audience, and manage to look quite pleased with yourself without compromising your rhythm.

I have never seen a baby who loves to dance as much as you do. The very hint of music immediately ellicits a wide grin and the light bouncing of your little head. You dance in your car seat, in your high chair, and even in your crib.

Here is an image I carry in my head: As I sit on the couch, the large window behind the table lets in the sunshine, backlighting your little body as you toddle across the room. Your fine, wispy hair stands on end after your nap, swaying with your steps like corn stalks in the wind, lighting up around your head like a halo in the sunshine. Your little nose wrinkles into a sassy grin when the music begins, and you spin awkwardly, bobbing your head nearly in time with the music. You are my little music box.

Do you want to know something that makes me laugh? When I am the Tickle Monster and you are my prey, you often run towards my playful growling and outstretched fingers, giggling before you even reach me. It's the funniest thing. Quite often, you growl back between fits of laughter, a low, throaty noise that sounds silly sandwiched between your happy squeals.

You give kisses now, darling! Your Daddy is so excited to get smooches from his little girl before he leaves for work. We purse our lips like a fish and lean into you expectantly, and you open your lips wide and plant them right on the mouth. Each time, we cheer and clap and squeal with joy, and you join in, giggling quietly and clapping your chubby little hands together in your silly spastic way. I'd walk through fire to get those kisses.

I am so proud of you, Bug. Don't stop. Find joy in moving. Get lost in the song. Run toward whatever makes you happy. Kiss the people you love.

You already know so much of what you need. Just don't forget it, princess.

Love you all the way to the moon,

PS- You also like to feed your string cheese to the dog. Go ahead and forget that part.


Alice said...

I love this post, a great one for sure. Bug is too cute, and lucky to have you :)

Samantha Kennicott said...

Can I request some video footage of these awesome dance moves? They sound adorable. :)

Liv said...

cheese is good for lupe!

and i just love this post. i can picture your little redhead moving and grooving. i second the request for a video though.

mary elizabeth said...

beautiful post! and yes, video please!