Tuesday, January 18, 2011

As promised

Now that I've put it off so long, this whole 'surprise with pictures' business is sure to be a giant let down, particularly since my sister-in-law thought I'd be announcing that I was pregnant. Wouldn't that be fun! Guess what! Nope. I told her she was crazy; there's no way I could have hidden the amount of puke that accompanies that condition from her on our marathon shopping day. Besides, does this look like a child who is ready for the responsibility of sibling-hood?

(As an aside, doesn't this little native dress that Bunk and Grammy Lu picked up on their cruise just kill you? With her exotic, cocoa-colored complexion and shiny black hair, she looks darn near authentic.)

Anyway, back to the let down. Here at A Bug's Life, we are pleased to announce a little project for the next, oh, month or so. Below are the promised snapshots, intended to serve as clues for our game. Any guesses on what we are up to?

Good luck!

Oh yeah. One teeny tiny itsy bitsy little detail provided as a partial penance for the disappointment from before.


Chew on that.


Jessica said...

Yeah!! So proud of you. My guess is that you are going to start a pumpkin farm. No? Ok, then I got nothing.

Dari Orton said...

Bingo? With your Honey?

Kim said...

Yay for quitting your job!!! I cannot express in words how much I love that picture. Classic!!!

Liv said...


i have no idea what those pictures are supposed to indicate, but i do love your little native. she's soooo exotic.

AND i don't know why your awesome comment disappeared from my blog. it makes me mad.

Samantha Kennicott said...

Awww man, I was hoping for a pregnancy announcement, too. Oh well. :) As for the guessing game, I am really bad at those and have no guesses whatsoever.

colette said...

I never even thought of a pregnancy announcement, but my guess is that you are going to be fixing your disposal with beans.
Is is okay to make each sentence its own line instead of only having one space?
Oh, and Mary has recently discovered the holes in her nose, too.

mary elizabeth said...

yeah, i've seriously got nothing!

but so exciting about the job! hip hip, i hope that means you get to spend more time with the lil' bug!

Alice said...


Now, what is with the pictures? A garbage disposal and beans? I clearly have no idea.