Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why, hello there, Buggy!

Ye ol' blog has been severely lacking in the Bug department recently, and I intend to remedy that immediately.  You will not believe how big she is getting.

This is the doll face on Thanksgiving.  Grammy Lu has bravely withstood great razzing from my father for keeping Aunt B's salon set for, oh, the last decade and a half.  She was vindicated in a single snapshot.  I thought her heart would explode with pride. 

Besides the sort of generic 'ma ma ma' and 'da da da' that she has been saying for a while now, Bug has an official first word:  dog.  It sounds quite a bit like "dah! dah!" but you can tell the difference by the excited squeal in her voice.  With the notable exception of her wubby, Lupe has become her favorite furry pal.

This is our family during the Great Bizzard Flop of 2010.  (Wimpy, Mother Nature.  For real.)

Sometimes Lupe finds Bug as delicious as I do, but she resists the urge to swallow her whole.

Tonight, I finally managed to pack up Buggy's bottle stash.  I've been putting it off in case she decided to shrink a bit and stay my little peanut forever.  She didn't, so I put everything into a neatly marked box, smiling as I thought of the next time I open that box and boil all the contents in nervous new-mommy eagerness.  (Does that happen with subsequent babies?)

While I packed, Bug ate hot dogs (grody) and grahams in her seat.  She hollered from time to time because she didn't have her sippy cup of milk.  It was her own fault, though.  She threw it off of her tray with great force and purpose of heart.  Call me a mean mom, but in my book, the first toss is free, while the second toss is a keeper.

After dinner, I put Bug in her jungle jammies and turned on some Mozart so she'll be brilliant.  (I'm pretty sure this makes up for the whole play with razors issue, right?)  I tried to capture the perfect shot of the way she wrinkles her nose in her adorable little grin, but it's tough.  Normally, I'm helpless against the urge to grab her and smother her in kisses immediately.  This one was pretty great,

and then I caught this cute one:

Ultimately, though, I think you'll find this one meets your expectations in the smoochable department:

Don't worry.  I won't blame you for nibbling your computer screen.


katelinklug said...

She really is soooooo cute!!!!

Oh and yes there is the new mommy nervousness with the next :)

colette said...

So cute!! I'm glad Lupe is second to the wubby because I wouldn't want her sucking on the dog's ear, or something. ;)

colette said...

So cute!! I'm glad Lupe is second to the wubby because I wouldn't want her sucking on the dog's ear, or something. ;)

Liv said...

I hope Aspen's first word is "doggy."