Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why you keep sayin' bones when I am so hungry?

At just shy of 8 months old, patience is not Bug's greatest virtue.

For example, if the time between when Bug spots a meal and when the parent in question begins shoveling mush into her mouth exceeds, say, 2.5 seconds, she immediately begins shouting her displeasure at the top of her lungs.  This is accompanied by violent flapping of the arms (which is not to be confused with the excited flapping of both arms, or the flapping of both arms that accompanies a laugh attack, or bath time arm flapping.)  It's like she's desperate to be certain the food is actually for her.

It must be all those times I've blended up green beans and luke warm rice cereal in a brightly colored dish and then eaten it right in front of her while she withered away in hunger.  Or all those times I made a delicious bottle of tasty formula and then gave it away to one of those other babies that are hanging around here all the time. 
Starving.  Clearly.


Samantha Kennicott said...

she is too cute for words. :)

Liv said...

Seriously, what is the kid's problem?

It's not like you feed her meals to Lupe and make her watch!

Alice said...

:) She is too cute! I need to come see her again.