Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What your history books missed.

When The Great Bedroom Cleaning of 2010 occurred last week, Schmoopsie located two free movie passes.  The expiration date was 6/30/10.

A hurried date was in order.  Hip hip!

I got all dressed up in a summery type skirt.  Then I got a paper cut in the office.  (The Great Office Cleaning of 2010 is on the horizon.) I bled on my summery type skirt.

Then I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and a Q-tip and wore it anyway.  It's a summery skirt miracle!

Bug's Nana and PopPop were kind enough to keep an eye on her despite the fact that she's right in the middle of growing like a million (or perhaps 4) teeth all at once.  We're about to have a jack-o-lantern for a child. 

Anyway, since we weren't allowed to use our gift certificate passes on newer movies, we ended up being one of exactly two couples there for Robin Hood. 

My official review:

Not as good as the animated version.

I did glean one important historical truth, however:

If there is some sort of disagreement between two parties, and Russell Crowe is on one side of the disagreement looking severe and with a bit of facial scruffiness, and perhaps galloping on a horse and carrying a tattered flag, then that is the side that you want to be on.

Trust me, it'll end up being the winner's side.  You always want to be on the winner's side, or you risk an arrow straight through the jugular. 

Other historical note:  If you see two soldiers in chain mail making out in the midst of battle, refrain from judging, ok?


Wendy said...

Honestly, why do people even put up a fight anymore? The guy saved Rome from being ruled by emperors (hah!) and was essentially the father of the British--and by extension the American--constitution (even bigger hah!).

Plus he kills lots of things while managing to look good in dirt, blood, and earthy tones.

What's the use in resisting?

Alice said...

Can we also mention Russell Crowe is nice to look at?

Glad you got to wear your skirt :)