Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Three Truths Tuesday: Phrase edition

Because you're not a good mommy blogger until you have a recurring weekly theme complete with alliteration in the title.

In the last 24 hours, 3 of the following 4 statements have been uttered around our house:

a.  "I thought they were family treats." "They are family treats!  But they are not for the person who didn't put them in the cart to eat ALL of them!"
b.  "She doesn't need a bath.  Just find an outfit that matches the bow that's already glued in."
c.  "I'm going to mention the pooping thing again because it was THAT. BAD."
d.  "Honey, I love you.  And that's why I found us all this free money."

Answer d is the lie.  No free money around here.  And apparently, the Husband part of this family will not be the part assigned to teach Bug how to share her cupcakes.

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