Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sorry 'bout that

Dear Bug,

Don't worry.  It's not your fault you didn't like it.  It sounded gross to me, too. 

It's just that when you're a new mom, every person and website in the world shove advice down your throat (no pun intended) until you can't even think straight. And  you get all paranoid about starting with vegetables and new foods in the mornings and allergies and what not, and the next thing you know you're feeding your baby green beans for breakfast. 

I know, I know.  It sounds ridiculous when you just put it out there like that.  The point is that Daddy and I are doing our best.  And hey!  Clearly things are going ok because TEETH! You grew your own teeth! 

Now, Mama has to go get ready for work, but first we need to have a small discussion about your Easter outfit.  Let me just preface the conversation by saying I often have to physically restrain myself from eating your cheeks because, DUDE, have you SEEN your cheeks?  Well, when you find those cheeks sticking out one end and rolly-polly legs out the other of an outfit as cute as the Easter dress Nana bought you, it's darn near irresistable.  Let me say this to you very slowly:  You had a CARDIGAN.  With GOLD FISH BUTTONS.  DO YOU HEAR ME, CHILD??

I mean, seriously.  Are you trying to give me a heart attack right now?  Because as if my cute-o-meter hadn't already exploded, you got just a teensy bit tired and brough out that little flumb (do you even understand that I just used baby-talk on my blog?  This is the sort of thing you do to me!) and pretty soon there is just a gooey puddle of Mama all over the floor.

You take my breath away, baby girl.  Sort of like the taste of green beans in the morning, only better.

 I love you all the way the the moon and back, my darling. 
Love always,

PS-  Gold fish on the socks, too.  The SOCKS, Bug!


Liv said...

Oh I wish I'd remembered to pack goldfish crackers in my lunch today!

Maybe she'd like those for breakfast?

Melinda said...

Oh that is adorable. I still melt when E sucks his thumb. And I'm dying about the goldfish buttons too!

katelinklug said...

Those are the cutest pictures!!! What a doll :)

katelinklug said...

Those are the cutest pictures! What a doll :)

Samantha Kennicott said...

She is as cute as can be!! The cheeks are pretty irresistable, I must agree. :)

colette said...

Cute cute CUTE!!!! Wish we could come see you guys and have a play date.

The Button's said...

She is so cute! I can see what you mean about her cheeks.... They look scrumptious! This little outfit is so adorable but she is still cuter!