Sunday, January 25, 2009

Judge not, lest ye feel bad about it later

On Friday, I found myself waiting for an elevator at work. (This happens rather frequently as there are not nearly enough elevators for a building as large as the one I work in, but that's neither here nor there.) Anyway, when the doors finally opened, I found myself making a not-so-kind judgment about the people getting off the elevator. You know, one of those gut instinct sort of thoughts that you chuckle about to yourself but wouldn't ever say out loud. Then two things happened in rapid succession:

1- I immediately felt guilty for indulging in such stereotypes. I must be a bad social worker.

and, 2- I entered the elevator, and my original judgements were solidly confirmed.

So, the question is: is it still wrong to make a nasty judgement about someone based entirely on biased assumptions if it turns out I'm right all along? Or does that just make me incredibly intuitive?


la fashionista said...

The real question is...what were you judging them for?

Liv said...

Seeing as how your line of work requires you to have good instincts, I'd say it's ok to allow those instincts to take over once in a while and offer up a conclusion about someone.

It's how you'll stay sharp!

Soccerbum said...

Nope, not at all

Alice said...

Unconditional Positive Regard? What do you think I am a Social Worker?