Thursday, January 8, 2009


Adrianne introduced me to GoodReads today. This has prompted the following dilemma:

Can I classify as "currently reading" a book that I read half of while waiting for Husband to wrap up at BestBuy but didn't buy because, hey, I'm half way done and only want to own it if it's good but I can't judge that until I've finished it?

Well, I did. (It's The Alchemist, since you're dying to know.)

Anyway, I also secured a card to the local library yesterday. Felt like a better tribute to my mother-in-law than all of the flowers I've ever left for her. I borrowed 4 books and felt like I was back to being myself again. (And also it'll save me money at Costco.)

And one more thing:

Ever hear a song, sing along, and then realize the only reason you know it is because of Guitar Hero?

In a new but (hopefully) on-going part of the blog:

Currently reading:

Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (counting it again)


Melinda said...

I hope you appreciate that library card that you acquired with seemingly no trouble whatsoever. I waited years and years to get a Murray library card and I finally got one on my second attempt this summer. Too bad I moved away now. Sigh...but I keep it in my wallet as proof that dreams DO come true. So good for you. :)

la fashionista said...

Oh, keep books like that under currently reading. (I'll be honest -- I've been trying to get through "America" for several months now, but I'm not trying all that hard. It's embarrassing, really.)

Also, I know this might be opening Pandora's box a little more, but you can have a little Goodreads box on the side of your blog that shows what you're reading. It's super easy to add.

la fashionista said...

Oh, and I, too, have experienced that Guitar Hero incident...more times than I care to admit. :)

Alice said...

I have been thinking I want a library card.

I haven't been to the library in so long, and I think it is sad. I find myself purchasing books rather than checking them out.


Alice said...

one more thing...

do you need another sidebar-header-thing-a-ma-jig for your current reads? let me know :)