Saturday, September 13, 2008

Paddy and Daddy

There are a few lucky moments in life-- moments where the planets seem to align, where your heart skips a beat and it seems all is right with the world. Moments were the joy in the air is tangible and all the tough times suddenly seem worth it.

Paddy versus the Papanwa in an epic Wii bowing match? Definitely one of those moments.

Staged at halftime during last week's BYU game in our poorly lit basement, the two need no more than a couple of cold ones (Diet Coke with lime) and an old bag of Red Vines from Daddy-o's truck to fuel frame after frame of giggles from their only spectator. Their lightening-quick moves were too much for me to capture with a mere photo.

Possibly Daddy's first interaction with any game controller anywhere. Ever.

Looks pretty tough for a guy using an animated Mii designed after his sister. He only won because Daddy's Mii was patterned after Braden's girl friend, who happens to be 90 pound Asian girl. (Thanks, Mich!)

Can you believe there is no blood relation between these two? Neither can I.

Thank heavens for those wrist straps. I thought both of them were going to bowl those controllers right through our Vizio more times than once.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again:

Life is good.


The Janssens said...

Hey BFF, haha looks like Paddy is trying to eat you. So maybe we should all hang out again. :) Feels like we havent seen each other forever!

Liv said...

So fun!

I'll be calling you tonight when I get off work. I'm going to IKEA Tuesday evening. I hope. We will discuss.