Monday, September 15, 2008


Someone to teach me how to properly fold a fitted sheet. Must be able to fold queen size sheet into a neat square. Must not show yucky elastic parts. Ability to maintain level surface as to not disrupt even stacking field for additional folded linens preferred. Applicants wearing socks with sandals need not apply. Flexible hours available with some sock-pairing required. Salary varies based on experience and/or willingness to iron.

(Disclaimer: For her benefit, I should note that my mother can do this perfectly. I'm reasonably certain she has a few linen cupboards full of sheets she doesn't even use but can't bear to throw out due to their extreme neatness and stackability.)


Liv said...

I can totally fold them!! And then in Domino magazine I just read about a tutorial. No joke. I'll show you the article.

Melinda said...

Oh my crap Kris, I can't do this either! My mom totally can, but I don't know if moms are shipped off to some fitted sheet folding concentration camp (try saying that 3 times fast...)or what! I thought maybe after I became a mom that this ability would suddenly manifest itself, but nope. Still handicapped.

delatimer said...

Kris I can totally fold fitted sheets and I would be happy to share this talent with you.

Alice said...

I attempt, do my best, but definitely not a talent. I watched Martha Stewart do it once but have never been able to really repeat it. If someones shares their perfect skills, please share :)