Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

I'm out of the Stone Age at work with keys to my own office and access to a computer with an internet connection that would have been awesome circa 1998. I'm still without a name badge, but that's not an all together bad thing as I don't get stopped by families in the hall; they assume I'm there to visit my own grandmother or something. Anyway, turns out that the somewhat antiquated internet connection there does boast some sort of filtration system that prevents me from signing into el blog. Thus, we're a little backlogged.

We have pictures from the trip to the zoo with Jordo and the Monk. By the by, Hogle Zoo doesn't have a hippo, a polar bear, or any lions. It's a good thing they had that kickin' white alligator to make up for it.

We also have pictures from our trip to Dog Lake with Kimmi, Indy, and the Lu. I'm not about to admit how long it's been since we actually went on that hike, but the pictures are cute.

For now, though, we're packing for our jaunt to Santo Jorge (which sounds more exotic than St. George) and Las Vegas where we are hoping to luck out and meet up with Scott and Ashley and gamble away our life savings.

I'll give a report on all of the above when we return, but you won't be able to tell when I'm lying and when I'm not. As the commercials say, what happens in Las Vegas...

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