Monday, September 3, 2007


Isn't life cute, what with all it's little surprises?

I sure think so. I think it's good that I can keep such a fun, positive outlook on life. Especially when I find myself googling the phrase "dog vomit smell out of carpet".

It would be down right hil-AR-ious if I was joking. Since the computer is located in the very room with the aforementioned concern, it's not the least bit humorous. Sometimes coming home from church is way more interesting than you expect.

Don't worry, though. The Lup is A-OK now. The emergency vet we took her to yesterday after she stopped responding to her own name tested her for a few things and ultimately determined she probably ate something nasty. (We learn new things about our pet every day. For example, no matter how lethargic she appears, she HATES having a Q-tip inserted, ah hem, there to get a stool sample.) Beyond having to shove an antibiotic and an anti-nausea pill down her throat a couple of times a day, we're back to having an adorable, perky little puppy around who just happens to stink a little.

Lupe: "I promise to stay nice and perky like this if you won't let that man put anything under my tail ever again."

To make the trip just a little more fun, the veterinarian had a strong southern accent. That meant that when he said "parvo" (some dog disease) it sounded a little like "parlay" from Pirates. This would not have been quite so funny if he didn't look almost exactly like this:

Ah, life.

So, back to the carpet. It's a good thing we absolutely hate it anyway. We've steam cleaned it 4 times and sprayed it with a special pet-odor treater. Now I'm dumping white vinegar all over it, to be followed with oxy clean and some febreeze. If you have any bright ideas for getting the smell out, let me know. Just don't tell me how you learned them.

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