Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tag! I'm it.

I'm new to the blogger world, and wasn't aware there was such a thing as 'tagging'. Wendy had to pronounce me 'it' for me to even realize we were playing a game. Somehow reminds me of my grade school playground experience...

So, after doing a little digging, I discovered that being tagged means that I have to list seven things about me that others may not know. Enjoy the following:

1. I heart noodles. A lot. I'm pretty sure I could eat pasta for every meal of every day and not ever get sick of them. I would suck at the Atkin's diet.

2. I'm a Scorpio. I don't put much stock in astrology and signs and whatnot, and that's probably lucky as every description of Scorpios seems to suggest that I should be a horrible beast to mostly everyone I meet. For example's sake, a quick google search reveals the following:

"The Scorpio can be the toughest enemy as they are often one step ahead of the game with their powers of perception, steely intuition, and suspicious nature. Yet, outwardly they can look as if they don't suspect a thing. If Scorpios want something, they usually get it as they are focused, ambitious and rarely give up. They are the supreme chess players of the Zodiac.

"Classic Scorpios are suited to careers in management, medicine, advertising, and the creative arts. They also make good funeral directors and scientists. The Scorpio may rarely use sick days at work and can be hard working to the point of being a workaholic. Scorpios are usually intense and confident in their abilities."

Funeral director? What? And also, I think I'm way too lazy to be a Scorpio.

At the risk of getting way too graphic-- wait for your ew-o-meter to go off-- I have to include this:

"Parts of the body ruled by the Scorpio:
The genitals - Because the genitals rule them, Scorpios are susceptible to venereal disease and urinary infections. They may also suffer from fatigue and bad health due to their explosive emotions."

Sorry, too funny to leave out. Ugh. Moving on...

3. My soapbox is health care. Don't get me started.

4. My body knows what day of the week it is. Proof of this lies in the fact that if I don't get a nap on Sunday afternoons, I am very, very grouchy. And I also experience intense, completely uncharacteristic hunger on the morning of the first Sunday of every month, even though skipping breakfast on other days is not uncommon.

5. I dig flip flops. If it's not snowing, I'm probably wearing them (though the corporate world is slowly putting a cramp on my flava.) Don't worry, I'm obsessive about having nice looking toes. I'm not obsessive about using cool slang like 'flava', but I should be. It's fun to use incomplete words to sound like I'm coo'.

6. I am possibly the most unathletic person in the entire world. I'm terrible at everything. I played on the "B" (read: suckier than "A") volleyball team in 9th grade. After another loss, my coach told me she didn't put me on the team because I had any skill, but rather because I had a bubbly attitude. Cool.

Luckily, I am also the most noncompetitive person in the world, at least when athletics are involved. That means I don't care even a little when I lose everything.

7. All of my sisters and my brother swim on the swim team. People regularly ask me if I swam, too. I didn't. (See above). When I tell them that "I only dog paddle", most people don't get the joke. It's just from Princess Bride, people. I can stay afloat, really. I swear. Just laugh.

Unlike grade school, where I was usually 'it' for the rest of recess because I couldn't run fast enough through that blasted pea gravel, this is where my tagee status ends. I don't know many bloggers, so Melinda and Ry, you're it. Seven things about yourselves, stat.


Melinda said...

Kris, I want you to know I was right there with you with that "I only dog paddle" joke. I am at work reading your post and I was trying to hold in my laughter, but tears were coming out along with little snickers and my co-worker thinks I'm insane. You see, we're in a very tight, enclosed room with just the two of us...awkward. :)
P.S. Thanks for explaining what tagging is. I had no clue.

Soccerbum said...

Let me get this straight, you want me to partisipate in a childish, pre-pubescent????? HMMMMM!!!!

Wendy said...

See, blog tag is an excellent learning activity. For example, I wasn't aware that the Zodiac signs played chess with each other ("They are the supreme chess players of the Zodiac"). I thought Zodiac signs were an antiquated way to divide time--who knew they were actually anthropomorphized symbols who engaged in games of logic?!

Ah, semantic tweaking of poorly worded sentences. How I love thee.

Kris said...

I didn't realize that Zodiac signs played chess, either. I'm a little bummed, actually... I've always wondered what exactly backgammon is-- I kind of wish I was the champion of that.

Nin- I'm glad you liked it. I liked yours, too. And I forgot to mention on your post that I also get extremely grouchy when I haven't eaten. Poor Husband has to walk around on tip toes until I've stuffed my face a little.

You don't have to play if you don't want to. You do, however, have to write in complete sentences if you're going to post messages here. :)